The steps for writing a law essay

The-steps-to-write-a law-essay


The first introduction sentence introduces the reader to the subject by summarising the essay’s arguments. This is an opportunity to hook the audience by drawing their attention to the value of the topic. Write another sentence explaining the significance of the legal analysis. Then, end your introduction with a thesis statement that will justify the objectives set out by the essay.

A law essay body 

The body is the central element of the essay where you state the main legal arguments that support the thesis statement. Do not shy away from giving counter-arguments on the legal issue you are analysing. However, these opposing views or claims must be supported by credible source information. Besides, the opinions stated in the essay should indicate a great understanding of the subject.

Write convincing body sentences that persuades the reader to adopt your line of thought. Furthermore, a legal essay explores the elements that answer the questions. Therefore, it will be crucial to remain relevant in your analysis; otherwise, the reader will get lost within the block of arguments

You might divide the body into different sub-headings, each addressing the question differently. Also, make sure your sentences use correct vocabulary and are written in a formal tone. Overall, remain focused in developing the legal analysis that follows the due regard to the law. However, this his will indeed limit the degree of your personal opinion. Lastly, go through the arguments and ensure correct law application in your analysis.

An effective conclusion

Using the correct citation style format is very necessary.  College students use mainly the MLA or Chicago Manual of Style.

Besides, the legal essay makes a distinction between the primary and secondary legal sources. Primary sources include legal documents like statutes, law reports or any official publications. Online articles and books fall among the secondary sources.

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