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Vietnam Law Firm – V LAWYER is one of the leading and highly recommended business law firms in Vietnam. V LAWYER is headquartered in Hanoi and has a representative office in HCMC, V LAWYER has 40 lawyers and legal experts who have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of Vietnamese political culture and legal development. V LAWYER provides legal services for both businesses and individuals. Law firm in Vietnam – V Lawyer focus on providing services to deal with internal business issues, competitors, counterfeit goods, fake goods, establishment procedures, corporate administrative procedures. For individuals, it is the procedure of marriage, adoption, property dispute.



THANGPV is an expert in corporate governance, he has 15 years of experience in dealing with corporate issues. He has strengths in dealing with internal and external issues as well.



MARK BEAVER has 12 years of experience in investment law consultancy; enterprise; trade; contract. He participated in negotiations to resolve many cases in Vietnam – Law firm in Vietnam.



HONGBD has 20 years of experience in corporate security, internal and external investigations, conflict resolution. Hong established good relations with the government in Vietnam.


  • Our customers are Enterprises and Investors who need the comprehensive legal consulting services, Vietnamese and foreigners. We also provide services to individuals: Marriage procedures, adoption, real estate sale … in Vietnam
  • We provide a professional team of Vietnamese lawyers who are the leading legal consultants – Legal service in Vietnam.
  • Vietnam Law firm Vlawyer has successfully advised and solved many legal cases with the aim of becoming a solid legal fulcrum for the enterprises and investors, both in domestic and foreign.
  • Our vision: Becoming the leading consulting company of Vietnam and being appreciated not only domestically but also internationally.
  • Our mission: Being a solid legal fulcrum and playing a crucial role in ensuring, promoting interests of our clients; creating excellent values for community.
  • Core Values: Reputation plays a significant role as the maintaining premise. Effectiveness is our companion. Wisdom creates the value of success. Understanding is the key factor of every single activity.

Business services

Providing legal services, administrative procedures, licenses, business registrations, investment procedures for businesses in Vietnam


Personal services

Providing legal services, administrative procedures, marriage / divorce procedures, adoption procedures for foreign individuals in Vietnam


Investigation services

Private detective services, investigation services, information search, surveillance services, services for businesses & individuals in Vietnam


1. Law Firm in Vietnam – We have 15 years experiences
Vietnam Law Firm – V LAWYER have a team of professional lawyers, who have successfully completed many deals and successfully litigated. Vietnamese lawyers of our company are also those who have a lot of say in the profession and also receive absolute trust from customers. The company has been operating for many years and has a number of familiar customers, who promise to always accompany us for a long time. With our available experience, we not only are able to help clients to overcome cultural barriers and achieve their strategic and financial results but also can ensure best interest protection, risk minimization, and regulatory compliance.

2. Having good expertise in law – Vietnamese Lawyer
Vietnamese Lawyer – We are a Vietnamese law firm with international standards, local expertise and a strong international network. The members at Vlawyer Law Firm are well-trained with excellent legal background, mastering the skills of law practice to resolve clients’ lawsuits. Vietnamese lawyers can consider their issues holistically, assess legal risks and provide practical solutions to eliminate or minimize such risks. By understanding our customers’ desires, competitive pressures and economic risks, we may encounter them in the course of their business, we strive to fulfill their requirements in a timely manner. time as reasonable as possible. A law firm in Vietnam is ready to respond to Customer requests.

3. Our achievements – Vietnamese Lawyer – Vietnam law firm – Legal service in Vietnam
V LAWYER unit has dealt with hundreds of serious cases involving individuals and businesses and received absolute satisfaction from the customers: Real estate dispute cases, trade dispute cases, Internal conflict dispute, marriages and divorces between Vietnamese people and foreigners or between two foreigners permanently residing in Vietnam, adopting children cases in Vietnam – lawyer in Vietnam.

Husband or wife, who chooses nationality for child?

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Can traffic tickets be paid to the traffic police?

The lawyer advises your question, whether it is possible to pay a fine directly to the Traffic Police for the violation? Lawyers in Vietnam answer you as follows: Depending on the seriousness of the violation, there will be different penalties, accordingly, with a fine of less than VND 250,000, according

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